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Admin WCMagic4EVER:
         My Name is Kimberly Montufar or also known as Kim. I been a fan of winx club since 2004 when it aired on 4KidsTV. I'm the only fan in Lake Forest, CA. When I opened this blog, I thoughts about will it reached a bunch of people or fail the close the blog(Which I'm Not! :3). In Forums like MagixJourney and Magix Club, I'm Known as WinxClubMagic4EVER, and other forums i'm as Km1423&WinxClubFan, KikiiWinxFairy, and KikiFataDiPioggia. I always be a true Winx Club Fan Forever... Soon, Might add more as helpers and bloggers for my blog!
~Kimmi or WCMagic4EVER

Admin Wizplace:

Info coming Soon!

Admin Fany LeFany:

Info coming soon!

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