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Is she the right best friend for you? Find it out!

Is she the right best friend for you? Find it out!

Each one of us has a special best friend! But every now and again, you argue, it’s normal!

I want to tell you 4 secrets to understand if, despite some little quarrels, she’s really the right friend for you!
-   She always remembers your special occasions: Birthdays, exhibitions, events! My advice: write down all the important dates in your diary, so you’ll never forget them!
-   She is always sincere! She pays you a lot of compliments, but she also criticizes you when it’s needed!
-   Even if you are apart, she is always close to you with her heart, with a textor other little messages!
-   You always exchange advices and opinions on music and other passions! And if you DON’T have the same taste, let her know “your world”: she’ll surely appreciate it and respect it!

English Trailer for Winx Club: The Mystery of The Abyss

The Official Trailer for Winx Club: The Mystery of the Abyss
The trailer got released yesterday. It features the new cast for Rai and the "Let It Rock" couture line.
Descprition of the Movie:
The Winx Club is struggling with a terrible "mystery" that will make your heart beat faster! The archenemies of the Winx Club, the Trix witches, team up with the evil nymph Politea and find out that it takes very little to defeat the fairies once and for all and become invincible: a Pearl hidden in the Depths of the Infinite Ocean! As small as powerful, the Pearl of the Deep gives enormous powers to those who possess it!
The Dark Magic team is complete: Trix, Politea and Tritannus, not bad as group... almost unbeatable! But none of them have come to terms with the true power of the Winx, the power of Love: Bloom is more determined than ever to conquer the magic Pearl before her enemies and save prince Sky, who has been captured by the Trix and imprisoned in the Ocean.The Winx have no time to waste: how will they stop their enemies’ plans before it's too late?The answer is not simple: with a twist, Politea is preparing to seize power all for herself, betraying allies and polluting the oceans to regain strength and power.Get ready: the Winx most dangerous mission of is about to begin!

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OMG! Did you hear? Our first forum giveaway is about to end on Thursday. Why should you care? Because we are allowing new members to join in on the fun to however, you must have 5 posts in total in order to particpate! We've had so many amazing entries so far and we can't wait to tell you who is going to win on Saturday! 
How can I enter?
1. If you haven't already register for the forum now!
2. Don't forget to introduce yourself and post a total of five times before Thursday.
3. If you already are a member click this link here to enter the contest!
See easy as 1, 2, 3! 
What if I don't win this giveaway?
If you don't win this giveaway there are still plenty of other opportunities and contests for you to partake in. 
How will the winner of the contest be determined? 
Well we calculate points based on your answer from 1-100. Then the top 3 scores will be put in and that's how the winner is going to be chosen. 
I don't want to particpate but I still want to join the forum!
It's okay we are always looking forward to meeting new active members!
Contest ends on Thursday July 31st, 2014 at 12:00 PM 
Link 2 Contest:
Link to Forum:

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WCM4E Official Commercial [Forum]

Forum Commercial:

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Forum Giveaway: 31 Member Celebration!


Hello, my name is the mystical one and I am an administrator as well as apart of the administrator! And I am happy to announce that we have a total of 31 members a as of this date and guess what we are going to celebrate with a GIVEAWAY. All you have to do is:
-Leave Your Username
-Tell us your two favorite winx club characters
-Why you love winx club!
-Favorite Season
-Post Count
This giveaway is going global on all winx club magic 4 ever websites however, you must be a member on the forum in order to enter. All administrators/moderators not on the contest team are also allowed to join. This contest will last for two weeks and will end on July 31st, 2014!
-Letter from the contest administrative team
-Two posters of winx of your choice [signed by contest admin team]
-Book mark set
-Binder Cover
-Username Change
Good Luck!


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Monday, July 14, 2014

Tecna, What's in Your Alfea Locker?

Tecna, what’s in your locker at Alfea?

What a nice group of curious fairies you are! You really want to know everything about our world, don’t you? That’s fine, after all we are really good friends!
So come with me: I’ll show you what’s in my locker at the Alfea college!

-   A photo with Timmy! I stack it on the locker’s door, so every time I open it before classes, it makes me start the day with a good mood! 

-   My tablet, with all the multimedia books of the Alfea subjects! But you’ll be surprised by this: I also love paper books! I have so many of them! 
-   My Mp3 recorder: during break-time, I relax listening to my favourite songs!

And what’s in your dream locker?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

New School Fairy CGI Png!

School Fairy CGI PNG

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Blog Update July 13th, 2014

Update: New Writers
Hello everyone I know it's been a long while since this blog has been updated and you actually may not know who I am but I am wizplace and I am now a writer for this blog along with another one. We will be updating you on the latest winx club news from products to episode information. Please stick around! We also will be having special days along with regular news. 
If you would like to submit a piece of artwork, confession, meme, fanfiction please contact me or the other writer. 
Contact Wizplace here:
Upload Days: Mondays, Tuesday, and Thursday!
Contact Crystal Flake here:
Upload Days: Saturday, Wednesday, and Friday!
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We are currently working out a new "special day" schedule if you would like us to feature you in one of them please send us the following:
Warning: We accept ONE EMAIL per fan.
Fan Art
Fan Fiction
Fan Letters
You can also send us your work via our forum as well:

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Hello Again with new updates! I recently updated the blog's heading, design colors, and blog's background. Also, I recently made my first VK group. The group about the Winx Club Episodes Air Dates, Official Images, Videos and More! My forum is officially open but it's in mode of fixing. My Inactivity is sorta getting my blog out of nowhere and my youtube's subscribers is going down. And last thing, My Facebook Page has reached it's 110+ Likes! We're celebrating Winx Style! I feel Home again! Links are doing to be at the bottom of this post!
Winxsta Signing Out!



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Vk Group-

Image Credits to:
Google, BelieveInWinx, and VK

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Winx Still Going Strong On 10th Anniversary!

Ischia, July 22 - Six teenage fairies who have won the hearts of girls around the globe - the Winx Club - were celebrated at the Ischia Global Fest film and music festival on Sunday. The businessman and cartoonist who invented the Winx fairies, Iginio Straffi, and his team at Rainbow S.r.l., were awarded for the animated heroines who are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. The Winx Club is a group of fairies who study magic at a school in the world of Alfea. They dress like hip teenagers, tussle with adolescent-type problems and frequently save the world from the powers of evil. Still going strong after a decade in stores and on screens around the world, Straffi confessed that his dream was "to turn the Winx into new the Barbies, cult dolls beloved by many generations, familiar objects not only to the littlest, but also icons to collect". Rainbow has become Europe's largest television animation studio, generating retail sales of 3.5 billion euros, and ranking 11th in the world for licensing, with 356 licensees, Straffi said. The Winx Club is broadcast in 150 countries. Fifty million Winx dolls have been sold. But Straffi noted that the Winx have come to appeal to a younger market over the years. The Winx were once aimed at girls aged five to twelve, but fans now tend to be four to eight years old, after which girls now gravitate to real-life characters on television series, Straffi said. Straffi plans to win back older girls and young women using the 10th anniversary for nostalgia, relaunching vintage dolls as collectors' items. 
After two Winx movies, plus another in production, Straffi is conceiving a new film project with Winx fairies interpreted by real actors. "It will be done sooner or later," Straffi said. The cartoonist recalled how stoking the brand has been a constant - and not always successful - effort over the years. "In some countries the phenomenon has never waned, while in other territories (the Winx) have been gradually overtaken. "We've managed to renew these fairies with stories and themes that are always new or current, like ecology, respect for nature, or even nature mythology. "Adding to the renewal, there have also been ice shows, plus live and cinematic productions that have made the brand grow year after year," said Straffi. In 2010, the animated TV series inspired Italy's first-ever feature film using the 3D technology that helped make Avatar into the highest-grossing movie worldwide. The Winx Club is on its sixth television series on Italy's main public television station, RAI 1, but at least one key to the future, Straffi said, rests with handheld computers: "We are developing (products for) the interactive world and the Web, because even the smallest use the tablet".

Monday, August 12, 2013

Winx Happy School Party Event in Rainbow Magicland in Rome, Italy at Saturday, August 31

Credit to-, Rainbow Srl, and Rainbow Magicland
Fantastiche sorprese il 31 agosto al parco divertimenti Rainbow MagicLand di Roma Valmontone per festeggiare la fine dell'estate e l'inizio di un nuovo magico anno scolastico

Dopo una splendida e caldissima estate, non c'è niente di meglio di una magica giornata di festeggiamenti al parco divertimenti più magico d'Italia, in compagnia delle vostre amatissime fatine.

Solo durante questa giornata potrai iscriverti ad Alfea, la scuola di magia più famosa al mondo e ricevere un magico gadget firmato Winx Club!
E in più la tua foto di aspirante fatina verrà inserita nell'annuario di Alfea, che potrai veder pubblicato sul nostro fataloso sito.

Le sorprese non sono ancora finite... solo per questo giorno potrai entrare gratis se ti presenti alla cassa del parco con uno zaino o diario Winx 2013 by Auguri Preziosi!!!

Fantastic surprises on August 31 at the amusement park Rainbow Magic Land Valmontone of Rome to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of a new magic school year

After a beautiful, hot summer, there's nothing better than a magical day of festivities at the amusement park magic of Italy, in the company of your beloved fairies.

Only on this day you can subscribe to Alfea, the school of magic world's most famous and magical gadgets receive a signed Winx Club!
And plus your photos of aspiring fairy will be inserted in the yearbook of Alpheus, which you can see posted on our site fataloso.

The surprises are not finished yet ... Only on this day you get in free if you show the cashier at the park with a backpack or diary Winx in 2013 by Auguri Preziosi!

Flora and books(Credit to- and Rainbow Srl)

Backpacks and Diaries by Auguri Preziosi

If you want to see the Merchandise or win it, Click Here
note: The Contest is only for Italy

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All About Bloom!

Bloom Enchantix and Believix- Credits to- Rainbow Srl

All About Bloom!
December 10th
Astrological sign:
Favourite colour:
Reading books about fairy tales and magic!
Ideal boyfriend:
Best friend:
Favorite movies:
Romantic comedies
I love:
Cooking cupcakes for my friends!
Favorite music:
Favourite magic:
Dragon Flame

Bloom's Sigature


Welcome to the Photos section!

Hi again! And Welcome to the Photos Section! In This Section, We Bring Winx Club Official PNGs, Screenshots, Events photos, Group Winx Photos like Fairy Couture, Sirenix, Episode 13 of Fifth season Screenshots, Winx Club In Concert Event photos, and lots more! So welcome to This Section! 
First picture of section is Tecna Safari Half Body PNG
Credit to the Group- Le Winx

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Welcome to Winx Club News Blog!

Hi! I'm the admin of This blog. Have Questions, Ask Via Email: or
~ Your admin, Kim
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