Monday, July 14, 2014

Tecna, What's in Your Alfea Locker?

Tecna, what’s in your locker at Alfea?

What a nice group of curious fairies you are! You really want to know everything about our world, don’t you? That’s fine, after all we are really good friends!
So come with me: I’ll show you what’s in my locker at the Alfea college!

-   A photo with Timmy! I stack it on the locker’s door, so every time I open it before classes, it makes me start the day with a good mood! 

-   My tablet, with all the multimedia books of the Alfea subjects! But you’ll be surprised by this: I also love paper books! I have so many of them! 
-   My Mp3 recorder: during break-time, I relax listening to my favourite songs!

And what’s in your dream locker?

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